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Take Cialis specifically as suggested without exceeding the dose recommended or taking Cialis a lot more often compared to every 24 hours.

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You have to not take this medicine within the following 24 hrs from the moment you took one amount.

“Do not share this drug regarding other individuals, despite the fact that their symptoms may be similar to yours.”

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Cialis is not supposed to be integrated regarding nitrate medications, while such drugs as heart medications, carbamazepine, rifapentine, doxazosin, rifabutin, phenytoin, prazosin, miconazole, antidepressants, anti-biotics, HIV or AIDS medicines, terazosin, itraconazole, tamsulosin, rifampin, voriconazole, ketoconazole or barbiturates have to be gone over with a doctor before the therapy can be started.

Oftentimes vision reduction was experienced by people with specific pre-exciting troubles.

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